Dishwasher Gaggenau DF 250-140

  • Dishwasher Gaggenau DF 250-140

Gaggenau recessed model will fit perfectly in any interior, the main thing is to choose the right place to put the communications. Installed in a niche in its entirety, completely covered with a decorative panel. Has a reduced width - so it will fit even in a very small kitchen. The cabinet can only hold a limited number of sets: 10 items. A set is considered as a one-person set of dishes, which is necessary for a complete meal: a deep and flat plate, a salad bowl, a saucer for a cup, a cup itself, a spoon and a fork.

Use different temperature modes for washing, in this machine there are 5 pieces. There are automatic programs with already selected settings for the type of dishes or dirt. The special hygienic mode ensures maximum thoroughness in the removal of food residues. Use a special zone for intensive washing. The fast program saves your time and copes with light soiling. The most convenient function for those who rarely gather an impressive feast and do not like to accumulate dishes is the half-loading of the chamber. For better cleaning, you can also turn on the pre-rinse. The model supports a quiet operation mode, which is convenient if there are small children at home, or you use such appliances usually late in the evening.

Drying mode facilitates the subsequent care of dishes, prevents spills on the walls of plates and glasses, and removes a significant percentage of moisture. Manufacturers have introduced a cycle of this type: condensing. The chamber is made of stainless steel, so it serves without problems, no matter what high temperature you turn on. An internal light makes operation easier. Inside there are a variety of sensors, whose signals are displayed on the control panel, allow you to control the process. The machine detects the remaining salt and warns you what to add. A separate sensor checks the presence of rinse aid. The model has a sensor of water purity, which sends data about the level of turbidity - on the basis of these data, the duration of the program can be changed.

This model can be connected directly to hot water to save energy for heating cold water. It is reliably protected against leaks - if for some reason the drain will not work, the valve will block the hose so that no more water enters inside. To protect the technique from damage, you can lock the control panel from children. It will give a special signal when the operation is finished.