How to check or replace the light bulb?

Has the light bulb burned out or loose in the socket?

Check to see if the light bulb is loose, tighten if needed.  If the bulb needs to be replaced, be sure to replace with an appliance bulb of same size, shape and wattage (no greater than 40 watts).  Not all appliance bulbs will fit your freezer. For instructions on how to Change the Light Bulb see your Use and Care Guide.  

To replace the light bulb (on some models): 

NOTE: Not all appliance bulbs will fit your freezer. Be sure to replace the bulb with an appliance bulb of the same size, shape, and wattage.  Please review your Use and Care Guide for specific instructions for your model. 

  1. Unplug freezer or disconnect power.
  2. Remove the light shield by squeezing the lens from the sides, pushing back and pulling down.
  1. Replace bulb with a 40-watt maximum appliance bulb or an LED rated for wet/damp locations.

NOTE: Some LED replacement light bulbs are not recommended for wet/damp environments. Refrigerator fresh food and freezer compartments are considered wet/ damp environments. Read and follow all instructions on the LED packaging when replacing the factory installed LED bulb. A replacement LED bulb can be purchased from an authorized dealer.

  1. Replace the light shield.
  2. Plug in freezer or reconnect power.

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