How to properly set the controls?

Is the refrigerator turned on?

If the refrigerator is not cooling properly, check to make sure the refrigerator is turned on. Some refrigerators need to be manually turned back on after a power outage or power surge. The refrigerator could also accidentally be turned off during routine cleaning.

For Information on how to turn the refrigerator "Off" and "On", please see your Use and Care Guide for specific information on your model.  

Is the cooling function turned on?

Some refrigerators are equipped with a "Showroom" or "Demo" mode feature.  This mode is used when the refrigerator is on display in a retail store or if you want to turn the cooling off and deactivates all other functions except interior lighting). Showroom mode can be used when going on vacation, see “Vacation and Moving Care” section for proper steps on leaving your refrigerator in this mode for long periods of time.

Are the controls set correctly for the surrounding conditions?

Temperature controls are preset at the factory to the "mid setting" which should be correct for normal household use. The controls are set correctly when beverages are as cold as you would like.

  • If you need to adjust the temperature, wait at least 24 hours between adjustments and then recheck the temperature. 
  • To make the Refrigerator colder, adjust the control to the next higher setting. To make the Refrigerator less cold, adjust the control to the next lower setting. 
  • Repeat this process until the desired temperature is reached


NOTE: Since control panels vary by refrigerator type, please see your Use and Care Guide for specific information on your model.  Below are some examples. 

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