Freezer Gaggenau RF463305

  • Freezer Gaggenau RF463305


Gaggenau freezer is built into furniture, opens with a handle or automatically. The constant-flow ice maker operates in three modes: ice, crumb and chilled water. The chamber has tempered glass shelves, two of which can be rearranged in height. Color is stainless steel and dark anthracite.


  • Motion sensor.
  • Malfunction alarm.
  • Door is hinged on the left side.


Additional features:



  • Built-in Wi-Fi module to work with Home Connect app.
  • Door opens automatically (for incorporation into furniture without handles) or with a handle.
  • Ice maker built into the door.
  • Constant water supply.
  • Cooling water supply of approx. 1.5 l.
  • Max. permissible weight of the door front is 67 kg.
  • Water hose length - 2 m.
  • The movement sensor automatically switches on the light and activates the control buttons on the dispenser.