Washer Gaggenau 200 series WM260164

  • Gaggenau 200 series WM260164
  • Gaggenau 200 series WM260164
  • Gaggenau 200 series WM260164


  • Automatic programs: perfect wash results at the touch of a button.
  • Illuminated rotary switch
  • Touch control
  • TFT display is character.
  • Loading indicator with dosage recommendations
  • Indication of program status and remaining time
  • Delayed start up to 24 hours
  • Several kinds of sound signal

Features of the:

  • Aqua sensor
  • Aqua stop.
  • Flow sensor
  • Automatic stain removal function
  • Continuous water dosing system according to the degree of load and type of fabric
  • Foam recognition system
  • Spin from 400 to 1600 rpm.
  • Recharge function
  • Automatic stabilization
  • Anti-crease function
  • Child protection
  • Built-in WiFi module for remote control of the device using a smartphone (using the Home Connect app).
  • The availability of Home Connect functions depends on the availability of the app in your country. The Home Connect app is not available in all countries. More information at www.home-connect.com.


  • Cotton
  • Cotton colored.
  • Synthetics.
  • Mixed linen / Fast.
  • Delicates / Silk.
  • Automatic
  • Auto synthetics.
  • Dark underwear / Jeans.
  • Sportswear
  • Super 15/30 min.
  • Wool.
  • My program.
  • Additional programs: Shirts, Hygiene, Spin, Rinse, Drain, Drum cleaning.
  • Special functions: Intensive plus, Speed ​​Perfect, Extra rinse, No spin, Anti-crease, Water plus, Night program, Pre-wash, Automatic stain removal, Remote start.

Features of the:

  • Loading from 1 to 10 kg
  • Illumination inside the drum
  • Powder compartment with auto-cleaning function after each wash cycle
  • Wave structure stainless steel drum
  • Innovative BLDC inverter motor technology for greater performance, durability, and less power consumption and noise.