Washer Gaggenau 200 series WM260163

  • Washer Gaggenau 200 series WM260162
  • Washer Gaggenau 200 series WM260162
  • The Gaggenau WM 260 washing machine is a built-in appliance that copes with any dirt on your clothes and laundry with maximum care and quality.
  • The device is equipped with an intelligent dosage system of liquid detergent and conditioner iDos, that is, it itself determines the optimal amount needed for washing.
  • The large illuminated drum holds up to 10kg of laundry. For your convenience, the large porthole door opens to a 180° angle.
  • The inverter BLDC motor is built with innovative technology and offers great performance, durability and minimal power consumption.




  • Aqua sensor.
  • Aquastop.
  • Flow sensor.
  • Automatic stain-removal function.
  • Continuous automatic adjustment of the load.
  • Foam detection system.
  • Spin from 400 to 1600 rpm.
  • Refill function.
  • Automatic stabilization.
  • Anti-crumpling function.
  • Child-proof.