Wine cabinet Gaggenau RW 414-361

  • Wine cabinet Gaggenau RW 414-361


Gaggenau RW 414-361 wine refrigerator has two temperature zones in which you can store different kinds of alcohol simultaneously and set different combinations of settings. It is built into the niche, which is convenient if you have limited room space. The number of bottles that can be placed, taking into account the complete set and based on the volume of 0.75 l bottles, is 70 pieces.

One chamber in the technique of this type is found most often, because it is easy to arrange all the functional parts, and in the end the device really looks like an ordinary cabinet. The general range of temperatures that can be set: 5-20 degrees.

The glass door is an additional elegant touch to the overall design of the model. Storage becomes even safer and more airtight thanks to several layers of glass. The color of the body is stainless steel. The door can be hinged to the other side, so there are more options for placing it in the house.

Electronic controls help you quickly figure out how this model functions, and it's easy to adjust all the necessary settings. A digital thermometer allows you to monitor whether optimum conditions are being met. The light bulbs located inside illuminate the bottles well. The cabinet has a total of 10 shelves on which you can place your collection. The space is carefully ventilated so that the air does not stagnate and no extraneous odors enter.

Temperature rise indicator warns if for some reason the correct settings are not respected. An open door alarm prevents storage disturbance.

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